San Andreas 2015

Hello readers! I just want to share my point of view about the movie entitled San Andreas. I am not professional critic but I can give some comments whether positive or negative criticism. First of all, the totality and the outcome is absolutely brilliant in a sense that movie has something to brag of. The settings, effects and characters are carefully honed and arranged. 

The story revolves on a family that is nearly Into broken relationship because of tragedy happened on their child. But at the end it is being saved because of the challenges they underwent in the midst of the catastrophe, the strongest intensity of earthquake ever recorded in history.

The best scene is when their child got drowned and the father tried to save her life applying CPR unceasingly. The father uttered ” I have already lost one and It won’t happen again”. I got teary eyed in this part.

Watch it and you will feel the same. 


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