Here are some tips:

1. Know your subject matter and be prepared at all times.

2. Come to class ahead of your students.

3. Call the class to order as soon as the bell rings.

4. Follow some established daily routine.

5. Check the condition of the class as well as the condition of every pupil.

6. Check pupils’ assignment regularly and return their work promptly.

7. Explain  to your pupils your expectations of every activity that they will accomplish.

8. provide adequate time for every activity.

9. Do not threaten your pupils. If threatened, the pupils often feel challenged to see how serious are you and how far they could go before you carry -out your threats.

10. Have a good sense of humor.

11. Compliment your students on worthy contributions.

12. Try to involve all pupils to class activities.

13. Handle calmly all attempts to distract your attention.

14. Always have a contingency plan in case of emergency.

15. Never be sarcastic.

16. Always consider individual differences in dealing with your pupils.

17. never make a martyr out of a trouble maker.

18. Never punish all your pupils for the fault of one.

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