Parents-Teachers Conference

The school is incomplete without the Parents-Teachers Conference held after the TERM TEST. This is to know how the educational progress and development of the students. Through this, parents got informed about the class subject performance of their children. Citing the strong points and weaknesses is very crucial for them. The parents are bothered once they knew the weaknesses of their children. From that situation, teachers and parents talk heart-to-heart how could the children pass through these by enumerating the possible hints to be undergone.

The PTC is scheduled by batch to avoid overlapping of time for 2 days, Primary 1 and 2 on the first day and Primary 3 and 4 on the second day respectively. Each parent would approach the subject teachers for them to be well-informed about the test results, behavior as well. After signing the attendance sheet and the conference, they could roam around to see the projects. The test papers will return after signing them.

This is very effective in the educative process. Always remember that the success of the students lie on the parents’ and teachers’ hand.

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