BLOOD FLOW: It needs to be protected

We must protect our blood flow and our circulatory system it is the flow of life! These are things that you can do to avoid the risk of developing heart disease or any other disease:

Follow a healthy diet and proper nutrition plan.
Eat heart healthy foods such as soy, almonds and nuts that are known to lower LDL cholesterol levels, and increase HDL cholesterol levels.
Lose weight and keep the weight off through any type of diet program that fits your personality. You can take Dr.Kushners free Diet personality test! and start losing weight the healthy way, or you can try Hundreds of Healthy Mouth Watering Recipes and Meal Plans designed just for You. Either way you will be taking control of your health and your diet.
Exercise doing cardiovascular exercises and resistance exercises. If you need exercise advice you can get the advice from these online personal trainers.
Quit smoking
Reduce stress through various relaxation techniques
Controll your blood pressure, through diets exercises, relaxation, vitamins and medications if the need arises
Reducing your cholesterol levels through exercise, vitamins, natural cures, and Statins if prescribed to do so by your doctor.
Whatever steps you take to improve your health you will never regret! Why wait till it’s too late, begin living a heart healthy lifestyle now.

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