English language System in the Philippines

I am Math and Science teacher here in Jakarta. I use English language as medium of instruction in teaching the mentioned subjects. The importance and implication of English language in teaching the non-speaking English students play an important role of cultivating their skills as far as language is concerned.

In the Philippines, English is an ordinary subject offered from pre-school, primary, intermediate, secondary, tertiary, masteral and doctoral levels respectively. My main concern is that some Filipinos are hesitant to speak English even in a simple conversation. Probably, they think some people may call them arrogant, pathetic or “sossy”.That’s their common notion.

Filipino people should take this concept out of their mind. As I observe in Indonesia, China, Japan, Korea and some non-speaking English countries, they have confidence to speak English even the the grammar is not that perfect. Confidence is their weapon. This is what we don’t have especially our average students studying in public schools. Our grandparents’ generation is really different to our generation now. We can communicate in English of course but the point is we are so shy to say the words. Never mind those people who will directly correct you. It’s right to be corrected but don’t lose confidence. Go on!!!!! The more mistakes you commit, the more you learn the proper way. Take the examples of our compatriots who succeeded abroad. They are bringing prestige to our country. Set yourself also as a good model of the Filipinos.

Filipinos are talented, good speakers as I compared to other countries. Last month, one student from public school bagged international championship award in Public Speaking Competition in London. We should be awakened. We have a good foundation in English under American system. Why don’t we use it? Goodbye hesitation. This is what I am trying to emphasize. American, European people and other Asian people acknowledge our skills in speaking the international language.Most of the teachers employed abroad are Filipinos because we are in demand. They trust us. Our goal is to share what talent we got to other people.

Our Department of Education should disseminate memo stating that we have to let the students practice English language in their daily conversation. Pursuing this action will probably contribute and who knows helpful in bringing back the economic progress of our country.

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