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Adam Malik Museum
Location: Jalan Diponegoro 29, Central Jakarta.
Review: The late Adam Malik is a former Indonesian vice president, the president of UN general assembly (1971) and journalist. Beautiful collection of Asian porcelain, art, and cameras. Opening hours: 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM. Phone: (62)(21) 3193 7403.

Location: Iinside Ancol Bay City (formerly Taman Impian Jaya Ancol).
Review: This monument commemorated the start of the Ancol recreation centre development project in 1970.

Ancol Jakarta Bay City (formerly Taman Impian Jaya Ancol)
Location: North Jakarta
Location: Review: Miscelaneuos attractions such as dunia fantasi (theme park), beach, swimming pool, giant aquarium, dolphin show, golf etc. The Ancol Marina is also the place where you can catch boats to the Thousand Islands.

Basoeki Abdullah
Location: Jl. Keuangan Raya No.19, Cilandak Barat, South Jakarta.
Review: The late Basoeki Abdullah was a famous painter in Indonesia and Dutch. Collection: hundreds of beautiful paintings, sculpture, masks, watches. Opening hours: 08.30 AM to 03.30 PM daily, except Monday. Phone: (62)(21) 769 8926.

Bentara Budaya
Location: Jl. Palmerah Selatan 17, Jakarta 10270.
Review: Movie, paintings, book fair etc. Phone: (62)(21) 548 3008, (62)(21) 549 0666, Fax: (62)(21) 536 99181.

British Council Jakarta
Location: Gedung Bursa Efek Jakarta Tower 2, 16th floor, Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Jakarta 12190.
Review: Movie, drama, library, paintings, poem etc. Phone: (62)(21) 515 5561, Fax: (62)(21) 515 5562.

Candrika Galllery
Location: Pondok Indah Plaza I Blok II No UA-19, 1st fl., Jakarta 12310.
Review: Fine arts, paintings. Phone: (62)(21) 7590 0762.

Canna Gallery
Location: Jalan Imam Bonjol, Jakarta.
Review: This Museum is significant for the fact that it was where the future. Phone: (62)(21) 452 6429, (62)(21) 452 2536, Fax: (62)(21) 452 6430
Center Cultural Francais Jakarta
Location: Jl. Salemba Raya 25, Jakarta 10440.
Review: Movie, drama, music show, paintings etc. Phone: (62)(21) 390 8585 Fax.: (62)(21) 390 858

CP Artspace Gallery
Location: Jl. Suryopranoto 67A, Jakarta 10160.
Review: Fine arts, paintings etc. Phone: (62)(21) 344 8126, Fax: (62)(21) 385 3208
Development Movement (Gerak Pembangunan)
Location: Jl. Cut Mutia.
Review: This statue commemorated the start of 5 years development plan (PELITA) on April 1, 1969. This statue is often called “sack running”.

Diamond City Hanging Bridge
Location: Jl Nelayan Barat / Jl. Kali Besar Barat.
Review: The central bridge of old Batavia (17th century).Build in 1628 as English Bridge/”Engelse Brug”. In 1655 it was renovated and renamed as Central Bridge/”Het Middelpunt Brug”. In 1938 it was renovated and renamed as “Juliana Bridge”. This bridge is built near “Diamond” Fort (17th century).

Djoko Sutono
Location: Police Academy (PTIK) Jl. Tirtayasa 6, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.
Review: This statue commemorated Professor DR. Djoko Sutono, SH, the founder of Indonesian Police Academy.

Erasmus Huis
Location: Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. S-3, Kuningan South Jakarta 12950.
Review: Movie, drama, music show, library etc. Phone: (62)(21) 524 1069, Fax: (62)(21) 527 5978

Fantasy Land / Dunia Fantasi
Location: Jalan Lodan Timur No.7, Jakarta.
Review: This amusement park is Jakarta’s answer to Disneyland, complete with rollercoasters, a river raft ride, a simulator theatre, bumper cars, shooting gallery Phone: (62)(21) 6471 2000.

Farmer Statue(Tugu Tani)
Location: Jl. Prapatan, Menteng.
Review: Created by Matvei Manizer and Otto Manizer (from Russia). This statue commemorated the struggle for Independence by Indonesian farmers and their family. Near Aryaduta Hotel.

Forestry Museum
Location: Manggala Wanabakti Building, Jl. Gatot Subroto, Senayan
Phone: (62)(21) 5703246, Fax: (62)(21) 5701147

Freedom of Irian Jaya (Pembebasan Irian Jaya)
Location: Lapangan Banteng, near Hotel Borobudur and Ministry of Finance.
Review: This statue commemorated the freedom of Irian Jaya (West Papua) from Dutch occupation in 1963.

Gajah Mada
Location: Indonesian Police HQ, Jl. Trunojoyo 3, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.
Review: This statue commemorated the establishment of Bhayangkara / Police corps led by Patih Gajah Mada from Majapahit Kingdom (14th century).

General Soedirman
Location: Jl. Jendral Sudirman.
Review: This statue commemorated the guerilla war against Dutch occupation led by General Soedirman in Jogyakarta (1948-1949).

Goethe Institute
Location: Jl.Sam Ratulangi 9-15, Jakarta 10350.
Review: Movie, drama, music show, poem etc. Phone: (62)(21) 2355 0208, Fax: (62)(21) 2355 0021.

Harry Darsono
Location: Jl. Cilandak Tengah No. 71, South Jakarta.
Review: Harry Darsono PhD is a famous, multi talented designer. His famous design includes fashion, batik, and furniture. He is also a lecturer at universities, amateur musician, and wine connosieur. Collection: fashion, textile, batik, antique piano. Phone: (62)(21) 386 7830.

Location: Harmoni Bridge.
Review: This old statue is a lucky charm of Karl Stolz, a succesful Dutch businessman in Jakarta. He donated the statue to Dutch government in 1930.

Heroes (Perjuangan Rakyat Jatinegara)
Location: Jatinegara triangle park, East Jakarta.
Review: This statue commemorated the heroic struggle for Indonesian Independence by Jatinegara residence in 1945.

Immanuel Church (Gereja Immanuel)
Location: Jl. Merdeka Timur 10 – Central Jkt
Review: This landmark church was built for King Willem I. The name was changed from Willemskerk to Immanuel in 1948.

Ismail Marzuki Park
Location: Jl. Cikini Raya, Central Jakarta.
Review: Art gallery, dance, drama, music shows, planetarium etc. Phone: (62)(21) 3193 7325, Fax : (62)(21) 3193 4720.

Istiqlal Mosque (Mesjid Istiqlal)
Location: Jalan Taman Wijaya Kusuma, Central Jakarta.
Review: Indonesia is the biggest Muslim nation on earth and therefore, fittingly, the biggest mosque in South-East Asia is situated in Central Jakarta. The Mesjid Istiqlal Mosque was started under President Soekarno’s reign in the early 1960s, but not finished until 1978 when President Soeharto had come to power. Phone: (62)(21) 386 8347.

Italian Institute of Culture Jakarta
Location: Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto, 117, Menteng, 10350 Central Jakarta
Review: Movie, drama, music show, paintings etc. Phone: (62)(21) 392 7531, (62)(21) 392 7532, Fax.: (62)(21) 310 1661.

Jakarta Art Building/Gedung Kesenian Jakarta (GKJ)
Location: Jl.Gedung Kesenian 1, Central Jakarta 10710.
Review: Ballet, dance, drama, music shows etc. Phone: (62)(21) 380 8283, (62)(21) 344 1892, Fax: (62)(21) 381 0924.

Jakarta History Museum / Fatahillah Museum
Location: Jalan Taman Fatahillah No. 2, Jakarta
Review: Located next to Kota train station and Busway line 1 terminal. Housed in the beautifully restored former Batavia City Hall (1710), the exterior is more interesting than the interior, which seems to consist mostly of tables and chairs labeled “made from teakwood, 18th century, Batavia”. The exhibit on prehistoric Jakarta is mildly interesting though, and the colonial-style Museum Cafe (entry from the inner courtyard) provides a nice Cafe Batavia experience at under half the price. Opening hours: 08.30 AM to 03.00 PM, except Monday. Phone: (62)(21) 6929101, Fax: (62)(21) 6902387.

Jakarta Port Authority’s Lookout Tower (Menara Syahbandar)
Location: On the corner of Jl Pakin and Jl Pasar Ikan, Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta 14440.
Review: Established in 1834. Old canons.

Japan Foundation Jakarta
Location: Jl. M.H. Thamrin 24, Central Jakarta 10350.
Review: Library, video, music. Japan Foundation often held cultural events, exhibitions at Nikko hotel, across the street, in front of the embassy. Phone: (62)(21) 380 8283, (62)(21) 344 1892, Fax: (62)(21) 381 0924.

Mahabharata Monument
Location: Southwest corner of Medan Merdeka.
Review: Arjuna Wijaya” is at the southwest corner of Medan Merdeka, in front of Indosat building. Created by Nyoman Nuarta.

Maritime Museum (Museum Bahari)
Location: Pasar Ikan, 1 North Jakarta.
Review: These former Dutch East Indies warehouses contain objects related to seafaring and the spice trade.

Mon Decor Gallery
Location: Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 1, Blok B 13 – 14, Central Jakarta.
Review: Fine arts, painting etc. Phone: (62)(21) 629 9660, (62)(21) 629 9661, Fax.: (62)(21) 625 0900.

Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics (Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik Jakarta)
Location: Jl. Pos Kota No. 2, Jakarta 11110.
Review: This Museum stands across the road from the Jakarta History Museum on the opposite side of the Fatahillah Square from the Museum Wayang. Housed in the old Dutch Supreme Court, the building was built here in 1870. Today it houses the Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics with a good collection of Indonesian art as well as some rare ceramics and porcelain. Especially look out for works from some of Indonesia’s most famous artists like Raden Saleh, Affandi, Zaini, Sudjojono and Dullah. Phone: (62)(21) 692 6091, (62)(21) 6926090.

Museum Perumusan
Location: Jalan Imam Bonjol, Jakarta
Review: This Museum is significant for the fact that it was where the future President Soekarno and his deputy Vice President Hatta were brought to write the proclamation of independence at the end of World War II. The building is actually the former home of the Commander of the Japanese forces during World War II, Admiral Maeda. Maeda was a keen supporter of Indonesian independence, especially as the Japanese became aware they would not win the war, and with his help Soekarno and Hatta made the first steps towards independence. Inside this museum you will find the private collection of the Admiral’s days in Indonesia.

Nadi Gallery
Location: Jl. Kembang Indah III, Blok G III no. 4 – 5 Puri Indah, West Jakarta.
Review: Fine arts, paintings. Phone: (62)(21) 580 5677.

National Gallery of Indonesia
Location: Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14, Central Jakarta 10110.
Review: Fine arts, paintings. Near Monas. Phone: (62)(21) 3483 3955, Fax: (62)(21) 381 3021.

National Library
Location: Jl. Salemba Raya No. 284 Central Jakarta.
Review: Books, video, movie, audio tapes, CD, poem etc Phone: (62)(21) 310 1472.

National Monument (Monumen Nasional, often abbreviated Monas)
Location: Lapangan Merdeka (BRT Monumen Nasional), Gambir.
Review: A towering 137m-tall obelisk with 35 kilos of solid gold shaped into flames up top, this is the most famous landmark in Jakarta.

National Museum
Location: Jalan Merdeka Barat 12 (BRT Monumen Nasional), Gambir, Central Jakarta.
Review: The National Museum is a fantastic introduction to Indonesia’s history and culture. If you have trouble telling your driver where you want to go, just mention “Gedung Gajah”, or the “elephant building” as it is popularly known.

Location: Taman Mini Indonesia Indah complex.
Review: This statue commemorated the declaration of Indonesian five basic principles (Pancasila) on June 1, 1945.

Police Museum
Location: Jl. Trunojoyo 1, South Jakarta.
Pondok Indah Water Park
Location: Jl. Metro Pondok Indah.
Review: swimming pool, water slides. Next to Pondok Indah Mall.

Prince Diponegoro
Location: Surapati Park, Jl. Diponegoro.
Review: This statue commemorated the rebellion against Dutch occupation (1825-1830), led by Prince Diponegoro from Kingdom of Mataram, Jogjakarta.

Proclamation Museum
Location: Jl Pegangsaan Timur 56, Central Jakarta.
Review: On August 17, 1945, Soekarno and Hatta proclaim the Independence of Indonesia at 56, Pegangsaan Timur Street. There are 2 giant statues of Soekarno and Hatta.

Puppet Museum (Museum Wayang)
Location: Jln. Pintu Besar Utara No. 27.
Review: Located on the west of Taman Fatahillah. Houses a good collection of wayang (two-dimensional puppets used in the ancient art of Javanese storytelling) from all around Indonesia and a few from around the world, labeled in English (well, sort of). Best visited on the last Sunday of every month, when free wayang kulit (shadow theater) performances complete with full-scale gamelan orchestra are held hourly from 10 AM to 2 PM. Opening hours: 08.30 AM to 03.00 PM, except Monday.

Ragunan Zoo
Location: South Jakarta
Review: Komodo, Cendrawasih bird, and other exotic animals. Located at Pasar Minggu area, South Jakarta

Reformation Monument
Location: Trisakti University, JL Kyai Tapa No 1, Grogol, Jakarta 11440.
Review: This statue commemorated the killing of 4 Trisakti University students by Police/Military snipers during a demonstration on May 12, 1998. The killing was followed by widespread riots all over Jakarta from May 13 to May 15, 1998.

Ruang Rupa Gallery
Location: Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam St. 1 # 26, South Jakarta 12810.
Review: Fine arts, paintings, publisher of art journal “Karbon”. Phone: (62)(21) 829 4238, Fax.: (62)(21) 829 4238.

Sasmita Loka
Review: The former house of Gen. Ahmad Yani who was kidnapped and murdered in the communist attempt to stage a coup in 1965. The house right now has become a museum. Getting there Transjakarta Busway line IV (Pasar Rumput) (Beginning 15 January 2007).

Satria Mandala (formerly Wisma Yaso)
Location: Jl. Gatot Soebroto, South Jakarta.
Review: Military Museum. Wisma Yaso is the former residence of Indonesian first president, Soekarno. Phone: (62)(21) 5227949.

Sea World Jakarta
Location: Iinside Ancol Jakarta Bay city/ Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
Review: This giant oceanarium proudly introduces visitors to more than 4,000 fish and sharks from 300 species. Come and enjoy the deep-sea panorama while strolling through an 80-meter tunnel. The fascinating creatures live in some 500 million liters of seawater and are fed three times a day (some are hand-fed). The attraction also features a theater which plays three educational films in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Setu Babakan
Review: Small beautiful lake for fishing and recreation

Space Man (Patung Dirgantara/Pancoran)
Location: On Pancoran roundabout.
Review: This statue commemorated the achievment of Indonesian airforce in defending Indonesian territory. Created by Edhi Sunarso and Keluarga Arca from Jogjakarta. Now, it’s difficult to see this statue because the statue is partially covered by Tebet flyover/toll road bridges.

St Mary’s Cathedral (Kathedral)
Location: Jalan Kathedral 7B, Central Jakarta.
Review: Across the road from the Mesjid Istiqlal Mosque you’ll find the St Mary’s Cathedral, known today by the locals as “Kathedral”. Phone: (62)(21) 351 918

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)/Beautiful Miniature Indonesia Park.
Location: East Jakarta
Review: With 13,000 islands and 27 provinces, it’s hard to see all of Indonesia. This park is an impressive microcosm of the many varied cultures. Feature: art and cultural show, handicraft, bird park, museums, orchid garden etc. Located near

Kampung Rambutan, East Jakarta
Taman Prasasti/Gravestones museum
Location: Jl. Tanah Abang I, Tanah Abang Central Jakarta 10160.
Review: Gravestones of famous people during Dutch occupation (1700-1945). Statues, hearse, and a beautiful park.

Taman Prasasti/Gravestones Museum
Location: Jl. Tanah Abang I, Tanah Abang Central Jakarta
Review: Gravestones of famous people during Dutch occupation (1700-1945). Statues, hearse, and a beautiful park.

Textile Museum
Location: Jl. Aipda KS. Tubun 2-4, Central Jakarta
Review: Housed in an old villa, the building was originally owned by a French businessman in the 19th century before being sold to a Turkish consul to Batavia. The building then went through various government hands before the Textile Museum was established here in 1975. Inside, you’ll find over 300 indigenous textiles from all over Indonesia including cotton and silk batik, intricately woven ikat and various others. There’s also a detailed explanation on the making of batik as well as a set of rare rattan armor from West Papua. Opening hours: Tues-Thurs & Sun 9 AM – 4 PM, Fri 9 AM – 3 PM. Closed on Monday. Phone: (62)(21) 560 6613.

Utankayu Art Community (Lontar Gallery)
Location: Jl. Utan Kayu 68H Jakarta 13120.
Review: Movie, drama, paintings, music show, poem, etc. Phone: (62)(21) 857 3388, Fax: (62)(21) 857 3387.

Welcome Statue (Selamat Datang),
Location: Jl. Thamrin. HI roundabout.
Review: This statue commemorated the return of Indonesian government from Jogjakarta to Jakarta on December 28, 1949. Created by Edhi Sunarso, designed by Henk Ngantung, a former governor of Jakarta. back to top North Jakarta

Youth Spirit
Location: On the roundabout at the southern end of Jl. Jendral Soedirman
Review: Created by Moenir Pamoentjak. This statue commemorated the struggle for Independence by young students “Tentara Pelajar”. This statue is often called “Pizza Delivery”.


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