Indonesia Independence Day celebration 2008

August 17 is the commemoration of the 63rd Independence Day here in Indonesia from the Dutch colonization. It falls on Sunday so there’s an extension of holiday on the 18th of August 2008. The preparation was just simple. All houses are required to display Indonesia flag every celebration of this kind of event. All TV networks cover the Umpacara or flag ceremony in the Istana, the president’s palace near Monas (National Monument located near Embassy of United States). Other places especially government offices, schools have their flag raising in the specified date and hold traditional games afterwards like eating eating Krupok( crackers, popular in Indonesia). Meanwhile, we had it in school last Friday, August 23 where we held several funny activities like reading Indonesia words in sentence form. It became laughing stock for the children to hear the accent differently while reading it.

I went to Bandung with my friends and enjoyed the holiday there. Bandung is popular for factory outlets of clothes, shoes, bags, etc with reasonable price . We did shopping again and visited beautiful attractions of the place like volcano site, tea plantation, hot spring and many others. We also hunted Sundanese foods which tasted good in the famous restaurant. Here are some pictures I had:


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