Pinoy Idol supporters: Think twice

Why Rob not Daryl? Sometimes, I think viewers are unfair. Casting of votes through sms gives great effect in deciding to choose who deserves to win. Pinoy Idol for me is a world-class competition wherein Filipino must choose the best of the best contestant who can bring the country bacon or pride. This is not a matter of game. I agree with what Wynard said last night, don’t blame the judges if the people made the competition worst. I know competition is a matter of popularity but not in the case of Rob and Daryl. Rob is good looking too, artist in the making for sure. I don’t want to be biased but last night elimination was a disaster for me. Pinoy Idol lost an arm really. You are just wasting the money, time even reputation that the future winner will give to the country in the upcoming international competition. Sorry for saying that but that’s the fact. The results are manipulated by the viewers without taste and even knowledge in choosing the best. Shame on us whoever hits this article.

People must be wiser in choosing the best next time. Ponder many times before finalizing the decision. Bear in mind.

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