World’s Most Beautiful Woman

World’s Most Beautiful Woman

It’s been decided – Carlizina Jolectron is the world’s most beautiful woman. After seeing the pictures and starting to get some fantasies about this hot chick, I find out she’s not real. Carlizina isn’t even a real woman – she’s a digital combination of Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Carmen Electra.

This girl is a mashup – she has Angelina Jolie’s lips and hair, Carmen Electra’s eyes and Charlize Theron’s nose. Carlizina is just one of the entries in Photoshop website’s contest to find the hottest celebrity, unreal of course. These guys were inspired by a recent study released by Beverly Hills’ plastic surgeons, that decided what are the most desirable celebrity body parts requested by their customers.



But what, it’s not over. This work of art was only one of the many submitted in the contest of Worth 1000. Here are more of the entries:

Gwenma Cruzman: Mostly Gwen (body, hair and eyebrows), the nose of Uma Thurman, mouth of Penelope Cruz and eyes of Salma Hayek



Michelle Theron: Some eye candy for those into blondes – Michelle Pfeiffer’s eyes, cheeks, neck and hair with Charlize Theron’s nose and lips



Fergalie Joston: I’ve seen Fergie without makeup so this creation doesn’t impress me much – Fergie’s body and hair (not Fergie’s body hair), Angelina Jolie’s eyes, Natalie Portman’s nose and Jennifer Aniston’s mouth



Dette Richake: For those that prefer a vintage beauty, here you have Veronica Lake’s hair, Bette Davis’ eyes, Denise Richards’ lips and Dolly Parton’s breasts



Natelina Stefek: This one is also hot since it reminds me of Angie… Angelina Jolie’s face, Natalie Portman’s nose, Gwen Stefani’s eyes and Salma Hayek’s mouth



Emma Aguilera: I think the second hottels of the bunch – Emma Watson’s eyes, Christina Aguilera’s nose, mouth and body, and moles from Angelina Jolie



Gembella Bosdel: This is kinda freakish and it Reminds me of the : figure Ginger Kids of Izabella Miko, Alexis Bledel’s eyes, Gemma Ward’s nose and Kate Bosworth’s kips




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