I couldn’t forget the enjoyment I had when I visited Singapore. Through the help and guidance of my Indonesian friend, most of the scenic spots of the country were viewed. I’ve been there for two reasons: getting my working visa and touring around the country as well.

The first time I arrived in the Changi airport, I was really amazed because it was very beautiful and clean the Singaporeans should be proud of. The way it built the infrastructure, it’s cool thing to stay even for longer hours. I still remember the time I passed the Immigration officer and said “Are you the one in the picture of your passport. I nodded. She replied” It’s different you look older here. Then I answered, Yap that’s me 2 years ago. To tell you the truth, I had my regular exercise at the gym and regular diet that made me slimmed down or lose weight. Imagine, I was 92 kilos before but now, I’m 65 kilos in weight. That’s good improvement, isn’t it? The officer just smiled and said “WELCOME TO SINGAPORE”.

Going back to the trip, I took cab because I didn’t know where the MRT is. I paid 32 Sing dollar actually and I asked the driver why it is expensive. That’s fixed price sir, he abruptly replied.
Your worries will be gone if you’re in the vicinity of the small country. Security is anywhere. We all know Singapore is an English-speaking country so I communicated well with the people there.
(But the accent is a bit confusing. You wouldn’t understand if you are not used to it). I met the agent in the Orchard Hotel. While waiting for him, I toured around the area. In Lucky Plaza, I met a lot of my compatriots working in Singapore. Some of them are high-paid and others are just domestic helpers. On the third until 4th floor of the mall, there were many Filipino small restaurants selling Filipino foods. I was craving for it that time so I ordered too much for me.
My first visit is not that exciting. I only went to several places particularly malls.

The next time I had it, it was cool. I’ve been to Sentosa Island using cable car connected to VIVO city and by Shuttle buses. Nice view! Some of the places I have seen were:

1. Esplanade

2. Merlion Statue

3. Malls located in different places

4. Sentosa Island’s Beautiful spots – Seaworld, 4 Dimension, etc.

5. And many to mention

My friend loved the Filipino foods in Singapore. We tasted Malay foods, Chinese foods, Indonesian foods, Indian foods and many others. One thing I couldn’t forget is the taste of Teh Tarik which is popular in Singapore.

I’m planning to visit the country again soon.


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