My favorite PDA scholars Season 2 and their profile-Part 1


Camarines Sur
The Farmer’s Son

Age: 18
Birthdate: 01 January
Place of Birth: Camarines Sur
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120 lbs.
Racial Descent: Filipino
Civil Status: Single
Occupation: Working student
Educ. Attainment: College undergraduate (2nd year)
Course: Food Service Institutional Management
School Attended: University de Sta. Isabel
Interests (other than singing): Sports (track and field, swimming), acting, dancing
Favorite Singers: Guy Sebastian, BoyzIIMen
Musical influences: Guy Sebastian
Discovering my voice: When I was in first year college and a working student, my friend would hear me singing while holding the mop. He encouraged me to join a singing contest in our school.
First song ever performed: Nasaan Ang Liwanag
Musical instruments I can play: Wala po
Musical instruments I’d like to learn: Guitar, piano
Greatest achievement: Being a Pinoy Dream Academy scholar
Biggest failure: When I lost my scholarships. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako kukuha ng pera pampaaral sa sarili.
Greatest Dream: To be a successful singer and chef!
Song of my life: Angels Brought Me Here
Quote Me: “I’d sing until my last breath… Kahit man lang sa kanta ko, mapangiti ko sila.”
Notes on Bugoy:
Bugoy only recently discovered that he had a stage-ready singing voice, and only accidentally.
Coming from an impoverished family in a far-flung area in Camarines Sur, the hard-working farmer’s son went into university with the dream of earning a degree. He payed his tuition through scholarships and earned his pocket money working as janitor, dish washer and other odd jobs.
It must have been a habit for Bugoy to sing while doing menial jobs. But back in the farm where only the cows and the birds could hear him, his voice went unappreciated. It took a friend, who heard him singing while cleaning with a mop, to make Bugoy realize that he could actually carry a tune. Winning school competitions soon emboldened him to dream some more and try out for PDA.
Look where he is now. Pursuing his dream of becoming a singer. Wherever this takes him, Bugoy will has packed enough prayers in his suitcase to see him through. And he has yet another dream… to meet someone he could fall in love with and call his girlfriend. “Para hindi na ako paghinalaang bading.”



Pride of Puerto Galera



Birthdate:20 December

Place of Birth:Oriental Mindoro


Weight:105 lbs.

Racial Descent:Filipino

Civil Status:Single

Occupation:OFW (office work)

Educ. Attainment:Mass Comm.

School Last Attended:PolytechnicUniversity of the Philippines

Interests (other than singing):Dancing, acting

Favorite Singers:Beyonce Knowles, Celine Dion

Musical influences:Mariah Carey, Beyonce Knowles, Kyla, Lani Misalucha, Jaya, Sarah Geronimo, Ella Mae Saison

Discovering my voice:When I was very young, my grandmother and I would get up at 5:00 a.m. She would teach me Tagalog songs and we’d sing together. I remember I started singing in public since I was three years old.

First song ever performed:Dalagang Tagabukid

Musical instrument I can play:Guitar (basic chords only)

Musical instrument I’d like to learn:Piano, drums

Greatest achievement:My two greatest achievements: when I finished college and when I was chosen as a finalist in PDA

Biggest frustration: I want to be a model but I know I’ll never be one because I’m too small

Greatest Dream:To be a professional singer

Song of my life:On The Side Of Angels

Quote Me: “You should fight for your life even thru trials… we need to grow, explore and move on.”

Notes on Zhel:

Probably her lola had great dreams for Zhel, thus the early morning trainings at 5:00 when she was too young to even appreciate what it could mean for her later in life.All she knew was that people would go crazy over her whenever she was given the microphone and made to sing in public.

She was able to use this talent as she grew up, gaining popularity in her hometown as she reaped first prizes in local singing contests.Now that she has moved on to a grander scale, it’s just too bad that her lola can’t watch and hear her sing anymore.

But what her lola can’t hear, perhaps her father can.He was never there to listen to her in her every singing contest; he left the family when she was six years old and was never heard from again until she was 20, then disappeared again.Maybe, inside the Academy, her voice will be able to reach out to her father and make him come home again.


Name:Laarni Losala


Birthdate:June 23

Place of Origin:Sultan Kudarat

Favorite Singer/Band/Performer:Lea Salonga



The Heartthrob



Birthdate:08 November

Place of Birth:TalisayCity, Cebu


Weight:154 lbs.

Racial Descent:Filipino

Civil Status:Single


Educ. Attainment:B. S. Physical Therapy (ongoing)

School Last Attended:CebuDoctorsUniversity

Interests (other than singing):Playing the guitar

Favorite Bands:The Used, Mayday Parade, Paramore

Musical influences:Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon

Discovering my voice:At school, my teacher asked me to sing.

First song ever performed:I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing by Aerosmith

Musical instruments I can play:Guitar

Musical instruments I’d like to learn:Piano

Greatest achievement:Making it to PInoyDreamAcademy as a scholar

Greatest Dream:To finish my studies and be a very good physical therapist

Songs of my life:All That I’ve Got by The Used; Warrior Is A Child by Gary V.

Quote Me: “I’d go as far I could go as long as people love to hear my music and my voice. I would do my best to show my talent.”

Notes on Van:

Coming from a well-off family, good-looking, and talented, Van is expected to be contended with his life. But when asked what song would describe his general feeling, his immediate reply is “Incomplete.”

Van’s family used to be compete and happy until his parents separated.His mom is now based in the States while his father has his own life away from Van.All by himself, he has no one else to turn to but his textbooks and his music.But since it’s music that makeshim happy, he has opted to postpone schooling for the meantime.

PDA will not give the Van the feeling of wholeness that he yearns for, but it will train him to become a better singer and perhaps, a complete artist.


The Cancer Survivor



Birthdate:21 October

Place of Birth:Burlingame, California, USA


Weight:155 lbs.

Racial Descent:Fil-am-Spanish-Irish

Civil Status:Single

Educ. Attainment:B.S. Economics

School Attended:University of San Francisco

Interests (other than singing):Dancing

Favorite Singer:Justin Timberlake

Musical Influences:Martin Nievera, Ariel Rivera, Gary V., Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias, Babyface, Jenner Mallari (a friend), Mom, and my Ate

Discovering my voice: I remember my Mom would sing at parties and family gatherings and everyone would watch her and it inspired me to want to sing.We discovered my talent before I was in Kindergarten.

First song I ever performed:If I remember correctly, If Your Not Here By My Side by Menudo.

Musical instruments I can play:When I was in elementary school I took violin lessons and learned how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.On Piano I learned how to play SwanLake.

Musical instruments I’d like to learn:I want to re-learn playing the piano or keyboard and the guitar.

Greatest Achievement:Being able to finish college despite doing (cancer) treatment at the same time

Biggest Failure:Not making it into PDA Season one

Greatest Dream:To be successful, rich and famous by way of the entertainment industry, and to go into business

Songs Of My Life:Angels Brought Me Here, This Is Now

Quote Me: “I’m very passionate about music and show business. I’m here at this level of the competition because I’m living my dream rather than just watching others life it. I have every reason to quit through rejection, but I forged on and made sacrifices, which is why I’m here today.”

Notes on Sen:

For PDA fans who have followed the show since Primer 1 Season 1, Hansen Nichols is not a new voice. He made it to the NCR leg but failed the final casting during kick-off. “I almost gave up,” he confesses. But like the true survivor that he is, he wouldn’t take failure seriously. If he could succeed a tough fight for a second chance at life, surely he could claim a better opportunity with PDA. So when Season 2 auditions came, Sen did not hesitate to join once more the long lines of hopefuls and subjected himself in front of the judges. This time he passed all stages of the competition for a scholarship slot.
US-grown and educated, Sen could have picked any job at any corporation anywhere in the world but he sacrificed stability to pursue a yet-uncertain career in music. But the dream that started way back when he was a small boy watching his mom sing at parties, and which burned alive in his heart even through a near-fatal brush with cancer, is too strong to ignore.

Will Sen survive all lessons, challenges and competitions at the Academy and graduate with flying colors?



The Romantic Crooner



Birthdate:21 August

Place of Birth:USA


Weight:189 lbs.

Racial Descent:Filipino

Civil Status:Single


Educ. Attainment:A.B. Philippine Mass Media (Freshman)

School Last Attended: De La Salle University-Manila

Interests (other than singing):Playing musical instruments, arranging and putting melody in a song

Favorite Singers:Billy Porter, Mariah Carey, George Benson, Regine Velasquez, John Legend, Eric Benet, Justin Timberlake, Gary V.

Musical influences:Eric Benet, Ryan Cayabyab, John Legend, David Foster, Jay Durias, Jose Villanueva, Kitchy Molina, Billy Porter, Beyonce

Discovering my voice:My mom enrolled me into music schools and in the process I discovered my musical ability.

First song ever performed:Ikaw by Sharon Cuneta

Musical instrument I can play:Piano, drums, guitar

Musical instruments I’d like to learn:Saxophone, violin, cello

Greatest achievement:Having worked with music icons at a very young age and having them appreciate my talent even if it is still in the process of improvement.

Biggest frustration:To go back to the country where I was born.

Greatest Dream: To be able to achieve a showbiz career, to have a pretty much stable business, to make my family whole again, to make everything I see pleasant to look at

Quote Me: “The wrong decisions that I have done and the mistakes that have occurred are already part of a better me.”

Notes on Miguel:

Singing is Miguel’s first love.And like most first loves, it has caused him a great deal of frustration and pain.

But like all great lovers and great dreamers, Miguel has managed to emerge from his anguish and bounce back. Now he is again ready to face all the challenges, the criticisms, even the intrigues.Only this time, he knows he will be armed with knowledge shared by the best music mentors in the industry.

At the same time, he will be on the same journey the girl he loves, Bea, who will be singing her dreams alongside his.


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