On Uberture, everyone was thrilled with the obstacle game, Drum ‘a’ Drop. The objective of the game was to bounce a ping pong on a drum and shoot this in a fishbowl. But before they do, the scholars had to go through an obstacle course. The winners of the game would get a relaxing massage in the Jacuzzi courtesy of the losing team.

Hansen was first up for the Pupilars while Jet was for One Voice. The two put in their best effort to control the ball while jumping over the tires. The Pupilars made several attempts to shoot the ball into the bowl before they actually got one in. Will One Voice be able to score in the second round? Or will they once again be the servants of the other team?

Also on Uberture is a countdown of the Top 5 happenings inside the Academy. Last on the list was Bugoy’s display of his confident personality. The Farmer’s Son started singing away as soon as everyone settled in. Witty and bubbly, Bugoy was more than willing to entertain his classmates and be their source of happiness.

Top Four is a cooking class with Bea and Cris. Bea, a culinary student, was able to whip up her team’s dinner in no time and had everyone full and satisfied. Cris on the other hand doubted her ability and is ready to hand over the task to the next cook.

Top Three is the Scholars’ flu vaccination that got Apple and Christian wailing in terror. Bunny had to accompany Apple while Christian asked if he could have the shot in his thigh where he also gets his growth hormone shots.

Top Two is Cristina’s display of her dancing skills. The Singing Interior Designer grooved to an invisible radio and had her classmates cheering for her.

At the top of the list is Bugoy’s revelation that he wasn’t gay. Though he may be a bit effeminate and was unlike the rest of the guys in the house, he wasn’t what others think of him. Cristina assured him that like anyone else, he was unique.

Meanwhile, the scholars celebrated Father’s Day and were quite emotional during the exercise. See how the class paid tribute to their fathers, and Jet’s first day on PinoyDreamAcademy Season 2 on Primetime!


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